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If you have been charged with a Misdemeanor or Felony, we can represent you to ensure  your case goes through the court system  properly and to help minimize the damages to your permanent criminal record.  A criminal conviction can negatively impact your life in may ways including the ability to obtain employment, enter a residential lease, travel, obtain financing and more.  The Harshman Law Firm has represented people charged with Possession of Drugs, DUI/DWI, Theft/Stealing, Assault, Domestic Violence, Passing a Bad Check, Probation Violation, Property Damage, Resisting Arrest, Juvenile Offenses, and more.


If the Police want to speak with you, it is important that you ask for an Attorney and do not provide a voluntary statement or sign a statement without an Attorney's advice.  If you give a statement to the police, it may be used against you by the Prosecution in Court.  Being cooperative with the police does not ensure that you will not be charged to the fullest extent of the law.


The 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.  Unless the police have strong evidence/probable cause to believe you are involved in criminal activity, your consent is needed before a search can be conducted of you or your property.  If there is any chance of evidence being found, do not give consent to search.  This is your legal right to privacy.  Although you refuse to give consent to search, an officer may search anyway or may obtain a warrant to search.  At least if you refuse consent to search, the issue is preserved for the Court to review later on and may provide a legal basis to win your case.

Class A Felonies include: murder, robbery

Class A Penalty: 10-30 years or life imprisonment


Class B Felonies include: voluntary manslaughter, second degree robbery, first degree burglary, possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute

Class B Penalty: 5-15 years


Class C Felonies include: involuntary manslaughter, stealing $500-$25,000, second degree assault, forgery

Class C Felony Penalty: up to 7 years, fine up to $5000 or double the offender's gain not to exceed $20,000


Class D Felonies include: passing bad check, fraud, parental kidnapping

Class D Felony Penalty: up to 4 years, fine up to $5000 or double the offender's gain not to exceed $20,000


Class A Misdemeanors include: Possession of up to 35 grams of marijuana, second DUI/DWI, Assault, Theft/Stealing items valued at less than $500

Class A Misddemeanor Penalty: up to one year in jail and a fine up to $1000 or both


Class B Misdemeanors include: first offense DUI/DWI, trespass

Class B Misddemeanor Penalty: up to six months in jail and a fine up to $500 or both


Class C Misdemanors include: Disturbing the Peace

Class C Misddemeanor Penalty: up to 15 days in jail and a fine up to $300 or both


Missouri Criminal Cases: here is a link to the Missouri Attorney General's information on the Court Process


We are on your side and will work closely with you to resolve your case.  The facts and evidence of the case will be reviewed in depth by your attorney.  All available strategies and options will be discussed with you and it will be your decision as to how we proceed.  In some cases my firm has been able to get the charges dismissed.  You and your case will receive personal attention from The Harshman Law Firm.


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