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If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident,  slip and fall, or by someone else's negligence in Kansas City, you may have a claim for  personal injury and be entitled to damages.  When facing a serious injury, it can be devastating to you physically, emotionally and financially.   At The Harshman Law Firm, we always offer a Free Initial Consultation to evaluate your case and advise you of your rights.  As always, our firm offers personal attention to each and every client we represent.


Motor Vehicle Accidents in Kansas City are one of the most common personal injury cases we handle.  You may be facing issues and questions with regard to getting your medical bills paid, lost wages, permanent disability, a settlement offer from the insurance company, and wondering if you should handle your case with or without a Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney.  The other driver's insurance company may be alleging that you caused the accident.  Missouri recognizes comparative fault, which means that the amount an injured party is entitled to will be diminished by their degree of fault in the accident.  Kansas utilizes a modified comparative fault system which prevents recovery to those claimants whose fault is equal to or greater than the combined negligence of all defendants.  Also, something else to consider is whether there may be more than one insurance policy to pursue recovery under.


Slip and Fall Injuries are often caused by dangerous conditions on the property such as slippery surfaces, pavement defects, low lighting, failure to remove snow and ice, lack of railing on steps, and other hazards.  Property owners and operators of a facility open to the public have a duty to provide an environment free from dangerous conditions.


Personal Injury cases are taken on a contingency attorney fee which means that your attorney will be paid a percentage of the recovery on your case.  The Harshman Law Firm has been obtaining successful results for personal injury clients in Kansas City for more than ten years.  

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