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"Joani is very thorough and knows what she is doing. She always treats her clients like they are clients, not another member. I would trust Joani with any of my legal issues. I am very happy I chose her for my bankruptcy, she has been nothing but helpful. She is down to earth and empathizes with her clients which makes this law firm a great one."

- Megan

"Excellent attorney. Very detail oriented and knowledgeable, but yet can relate to everyday people."

- Pete

"The one thing that stands out for me when considering Joani as a great attorney is that she makes herself personally available by email or by phone when you have any questions or concerns. I have recommended her services over and over again and everyone I know who has used her, has been super satisfied!"

- Kerry

"Joani is an amazing attorney. We went to her in a complete financial mess of debt and $50,000.00 worth of back Federal taxes. We were hopeful when she thought she could get us a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. She was able to get us qualified for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, so we did not have to make a monthly payment to the courts...all of our debt was dismissed instead. We only had to pay back about $10,000.00 of the Federal tax debt, and we were able to keep both our vehicles and our house. Joani's rates are reasonable, her staff is personable and efficient, and she stands by you every step of the way. If you want the personal touch, and top-notch service and know-how, Joani is the attorney for you."

- Jill

"Very good Lawyer and has kept me out of trouble with my traffic issues."

- Anthony

"Joani did my bankruptcy for me as well as my will and the will of my roommate. She treated me with kindness and respect throughout the process. Her office did a professional job with my case. I highly recommend her services."

- Brad

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"If you are looking for an attorney that is always got your back Harshman Law is the way to go. Anything from traffic violations to her expertise in bankruptcy she treats you as a friend not just a client. In my past dealing with attorneys they always had the "I will get back with you on that" response. Then I would wait days to hear back and when you are in need of a comforting answer that is not good enough. Not with Harshman Law, if they do not know the answer right away they have a super fast turnaround to ensure you get the right answer. Cannot thank Joani and her team enought in helping my family through such difficult times."

- Randy