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If you have been injured on the job, you may be entitled to Workers' Compensation benfits under state law, including medical treatment, time off work, and compensation for  permanent disability.  We offer a Free Consultation to have a Kansas City Workers' Compensation Attorney evaluate your case and advise you of the benefits you should be receiving.  Get help to ensure you are getting what you are entitled under Missouri or Kansas Workers' Compensation Law.

Missouri Workers' Compensation Process:

1.  You must report your injury immediately to your employer or supervisor.  If you do not report your on the job injury within 30 days, you may loose your ability to proceed under the Workers' Compensation law.  The notice to your employer should be in writing and include the name and address of the injured employee, nature of the injury, date, time and place of injury.  The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations provides an online form that can be used if the employer does not have a specific injury form for you to complete.


2.  The employer or insurer is required to provide medical treatment and pay for such treatment including prescriptions and medical devices.  The injured employee should not have any out of pocket medical expenses.  Keep in mind that the employer or insurer does have the right to chose the provider for an injured employee.


3.  If the injured employee is unable to work pursuant to a doctor's restriction, then the employee is entitled to Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits.  These TTD benefits continue until the employee is able to return to work or has reached Maximum Medical Improvement.  If light duty work is allowed by a doctor and available from the employer, TTD benefits may not be available.


4.  If the work injury results in permanent disability, additional compensation is available to you.  Permanent Partial Disability means that you have some permanent effects from the injury, however you are still able to work (although it may not be the same type of work that you were doing at the time of your injury).  Permanent Total Disability means that you are unable to return to work in any position.


5.  Resolution of your Workers' Compensation case may be by Settlement or a Trial before an Administrative Law Judge.  Often times injured employees do not receive all of the benefits from the employer they should.  Hiring a Kansas City Workers' Compensation Attorney can provide the guidance needed to help you with your Workers' Compensation case.


For more information on the Missouri Workers' Compensation Law go to the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations.

Kansas workers' compensation process

The process to proceed with a Workers' Compensation case in Kansas is similar to Missouri, however the notice requirements to the employer are different.  A claim may be denied if an employee fails to notify their employer within 20 days from the date of the accident or injury by repetitive trauma.  The notice to the employer should be in writing and must be given to a supervisor or manager at the employer's principal location of employment.


For more information on the Kansas Workers' Compensation Law go to the Kansas Department of Labor or Workers Compensation for Kansas Employers and Employees.

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